Strong Market Growth -
Our Expansion Across USA

Cameron James has grown rapidly in in the USA with clients in 23 States now.
By providing expert Final Salary Pension Tranfer advice and client referrals in NYC (Bankers), Miami (Lawyers) and Texas (Oil & Gas) 🎥

Why Do US Residents Prefer CJ?

We have a no nonsense attitude and provide our clients with high quality and transparent advice that we would give our friends or parents. Clients feel this and trust our advice 🏅

100% Transparent

Clients know exactly how much their advice will cost in advance. No hidden extras.

Approved by Expats

Reviewed & Approved by Expats in
27 Countries and 23 US States.

Highly Regulated

FCA (UK), SEC (US), MiFID (EU) -
Triple Regulated across markets.


Our Advisers see thousands of transfers.
We know what to do.

Dedicated Advisor

Direct line to your Dedicated Advisor.
No hold music.

Low Online Cost

We deliver an unparalleled service
in the US at low cost.

Existing Clients in 23 US States

We advise all clients do to thorough background Due Diligence before choosing a Financial Adviser 🔍

Want to reach out to one of our existing clients in your city, state or profession for a reference of our work and service? 🏅

Ask your Adviser and they will happily put you in touch!

Existing US Clients 🙋‍♂️
Still To Conquer

Regulated & Transparent Financial Advice

US Expats - Poorly served UK Pensions

So you have moved to the US and have a whole new life after the UK. You probably even got a nice pay rise, albeit with a few less holiday days! But what happens to your UK pension assets? Your Defined Benefit & Defined Contribution pensions likely form a significant part of your wealth but are left poorly managed and underperforming. With commission based and untrustworthy IFAs are ready to 'help' you!

Cameron James USA

We combine our FCA and SEC license to provide our US Residents with speciliased and unparalleled levels of initial and ongoing service, with our only goal being to try to grow your portolio and also Cameron James, by way of clients introductions and referrals from yourself. As an online company, our brand means everything to us and no business would leave our office that could damage the reputation we have built.

Not sure what type of UK pension you have?

It was a long time ago! Book a Free Consultation to understand and make an informed decision on leaving or consolidating them.

Watch Our Dedicated YouTube Channel

Our CEO breaks down UK Pension Transfer topics into weekly bitesize explanations for you.