So, what actually happens during your Pension Transfer?


Once you have made an informed decision with your Adviser, our Admin Team process your application within 48hrs. Ensuring your New Provider and existing UK Scheme have all the correct due diligence for transfer.


The physical pension transfer process can take some weeks. UK schemes are often over worked and bureaucratic, leading to slower servicing times then you will become accustomed to with us. Eg. 10 working day response times to basic emails.


It is in our interest to complete your transfer(s) in the shortest time frame possible. We have a dedicated chasing department of 5 full-time staff, well versed in typical UK scheme delay tactics. They call the schemes 9-5, every day, following up with your scheme every 3-5 working days until complete. We get things done!

Funds Received

Upon safe receipt of your funds, you will receive a transparent cash statement confirming the date and the value of pension(s) received. Your portfolio will then be allocated as per your advice report.

Onboarding Call

You will then receive your first valuation statement and your IFA will schedule your Onboarding Call to explain your valuation and to listen to your feedback on the advice process.


You will then receive your QMA to discuss quarterly performance and be scheduled for your minimum Annual Review meeting. Your IFA is on hand daily to answer any questions you might have at any time.

Not sure what type of UK pension you have?

It was a long time ago! Book a Free Consultation to understand and make an informed decision on leaving or consolidating them.