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Asif KamalAsif Kamal
23:08 01 Dec 22
Mr D.C James is somebody who knows his job and does it extremely well. He speaks with great eloquence and has never stuttered when answering queries. He is very experienced (yet so young) and comes across as a very confident individual. His confidence and knowledge rubs off on clients who spontaneously gain his trust. Mr James was very clear and transparent in all aspect of how he/his team operate including fees and various timescales. He has a good presence in social media, he would not do anything adverse to jeopardise his reputation and stature. Before I approached Mr DCJ I was in dire straits. My position was one of great anxiety finding a reputable and trustworthy F.A to deliver my transfer before the deadline date and to make matters worse my pot was sitting with one of the most incompetent and inept companies. Mr James delivered within time and kept me informed all the way. Sometimes I would send him a message at weekend. To my surprise he responds as soon as he gets his notifications. I have had messages from him in the early hours of the mornings to late at night. Mr James is relentless and has a very efficient support team working along side him who are equally proficient in their work. I cannot praise this company enough and if it was possible I would give a 6 star rating.
Peter BealPeter Beal
12:30 27 Oct 22
As a UK citizen, who transferred to work overseas, on several occasions many years ago, with a UK based company, I had to join their overseas Defined Benefit pensions scheme, for those periods of employment. Nearing the age of retirement there was no shortage of pension transfer specialists prepared to advise on the transfer of my corresponding UK Defined Benefit scheme, however, finding an overseas pension specialist for UK citizens proved to be much more difficult.Eventually, I discovered Cameron James Ltd on You Tube and watched and tried to understand all of their video uploads before making contact. Having spoken to a number of transfer specialists their content seemed to be very well balanced especially highlighting the regulatory requirements and risks. When I made the initial contact, they responded to my initial enquiry within a matter of hours and an initial consultation zoom meeting soon followed.Over the following months, Jonathan Laws was always available, at any hour, to advise and guide me through the transfer process in a highly professional manner. His knowledge of the relevant legislation related to the transfers lead to an efficient transfer process.On the completion of the transfer the professional relationship with Cameron James Ltd and Jonathan Laws has continued into the investment phase. His insights have proved to be especially valuable in the current turbulent times.
Leon StrachanLeon Strachan
06:52 05 Oct 22
As an expat, I had some questions around living in a foreign country abroad related to my future financial planning. I reached out Cameron James after speaking to several financial companies. I spoke to Jude Dawute, who was friendly, polite and always available. Jude and his team promptly responded to my questions, updating me frequently and following up as necessary. I can wholeheartedly recommend Cameron James to anyone looking for relevant financial services.
Marc SmelikMarc Smelik
09:03 24 Aug 22
I have had plenty of approaches and some discussions over a five year period, since moving out of UK and having pension assets there. Consolidating my pensions into a single fund was a careful choice and CJ made it possible in a very tricky environment. financially it may or may not be a great decision but my motivation was not just financial. Just want to know the fund is safe and i can make decisions on its structure. Jonathan Laws has been a great companion on the way, helpful and clear, no pressure, willing to listen to my preferences. The markets dropped significantly and my return this year will be below inflation I guess, but I have been able to make some timing and fund choices which I am very comfortable with. I would recommend Jonathan for the transfer and investment process - it has been recent and I have faith that CJ will continue to provide a personal and caring service - ask me in a few years!
14:51 06 Aug 22
As an expat, I wanted to consolidate my two UK pensions into a SIPP, and I am pleased that I chose Cameron James after spending many weeks researching several financial companies. I want to give a special shout out to my adviser Jonathan Laws, who was always accessible. Jonathan and his team promptly responded to my questions, updating me frequently during the entire pension transfer process. All went smoothly. I can wholeheartedly recommend Cameron James to anyone looking to transfer their UK pension. Also, they have several videos on YouTube if you are looking for more information and advice.
11:58 03 Aug 22
In my experience, Cameron James is a professional team. Having done a great deal of due diligence before embarking on the DB Transfer process, what is immediately obvious is the amount of information available on their website which persuaded me to make the initial contact. The site covers all aspects of the transfer process, particularly the cost involved which are all transparent at the start. The back-office team have worked diligently, providing constant updates throughout the process. If I can advise anyone contemplating a DB Transfer, and as has been said before, do not underestimate the extremely tight time constraints involved, the legal processes that need to be followed, the emotional roller-coaster and the level of detail analysis it takes for the best outcome. Johnathon Laws deserves a particular mention of thanks from me, he comes across as an honest, efficient, hard working individual. All emails sent to him whether it be a particular concern or query are replied without delay. This attitude further enforces the building of a relationship based on trust, both initially and during the transfer process, which, by the way takes many months to complete. Finally, my comments above hopefully gives a short description of my experience of working with Cameron James. As to my future relationship, I’m currently positive that the financial advisory role which they provide, will reinforce my high expectations of a successful future.
Graham DriverGraham Driver
11:23 03 Aug 22
I have been using Cameron James to conduct a transfer of my DB pension schemes. They have been efficient, open, honest and approachable. I would recommend.
Colin HanfordColin Hanford
18:47 26 Jun 22
After an initial WhatsApp conversation with Dominic, I recently had a meeting with Jude at Cameron James about a potential DB final salary transfer. Both Jude and Dominic were very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and helped me better understand my situation and the processes involved with such a transfer.I can wholehearted recommend Cameron James if you're looking for similar advice. Thanks Jude and Dominic for the help.
Eileen HamptonEileen Hampton
16:20 23 Jun 22
I would thoroughly recommend the team at Cameron James for expat pension advice. I had accrued a number of UK DC pensions before moving overseas and wanted to consolidate them into one more easily managed fund and to work with a firm that could advise on the best use of that fund when I retired. I spoke with both James and Jonathan at Cameron James and they talked me through the pros, cons and process of transferring the funds into a single International SIPP. The transfer was straightforward on my end and Cameron James kept me updated with a short weekly email stating where each pension was in the process. So far I have been very impressed with the personal service I've received.
Michael GrayMichael Gray
18:17 25 Mar 22
I selected Cameron James to help with transfer of a UK pension fund into an international SIPP after vetting 5 possible candidates (3 in the UK and the 2 in the USA). I found them to be very professional, easy to work with, transparent (fees etc.) and very timely with responses. They are very knowledgable about the most up to date UK legislation related to pensions and prepared a very detailed report before a final decision had to be made. Our contact was very thorough and always followed up to make sure that we were well informed every step of the way.Highly recommended.
Cata PriCata Pri
13:22 07 Mar 22
Dominic and his team did a great job moving my final salary pension to a SIPP. This is not an easy or cheap process, but Dominic understands it very well and completed the transition in a very efficient manner within a short deadline. Dominic is always very responsive, answered all my questions and was easy to contact. Thank you for your support, I am looking forward to see the results of this investment
Dean MalpassDean Malpass
23:54 28 Feb 22
I contacted Dominic after viewing one of his excellent YouTube Videos on DB Pensions.We conversed using WhatsApp and Dominic quickly and professionally answered some questions I had.I was really impressed how professional he was, fully explaining the pros and cons in my case even though the end result was not what I had hoped for. The honesty of Dominic was welcomed and from what I know of him so far would recommend his services.Thank you
Gavin CollinsGavin Collins
22:13 28 Feb 22
Dominic Murray was extremely courteous and professional responding to my email and calling me overseas almost immediately. He went out of his way in assisting with my enquiry and gave me some valuable free advice concerning my annuity pension. I am happy to recommend his services to all. Thank you Dominic, great service!
Jenny AllenJenny Allen
10:37 22 Feb 22
I was amazed to get a phone call from the UK...I'm in Australia so thatreally impressed me. My query was about moving to the UK. In the end we were talking about different things and got our wires crossed a bit but any firm that is willing to put in an international call has got my business anyday. Well done
Junior TaylorJunior Taylor
04:34 17 Feb 22
I had a great conversation with Jude after my initial contact with Jonathan in 2021. Jude gave me some sound advice and key next steps as far as my UK pension as I now reside In Toronto. Jude was professional, knowledgeable and informative, and without hesitation I would recommend Cameron James.
Sebastian TibblesSebastian Tibbles
02:52 16 Feb 22
I have been very satisfied with the work done by the CJ team. They have provided a comprehensive service and have ensured that the agreed targets have been met by all involved. I would recommend them to anyone needing "Expat Financial Advice".
Fran AlexanderFran Alexander
03:16 10 Feb 22
I am very grateful to my adviser and his team at Cameron James for their calm, courteous and professional service. I had some very tricky pensions issues to deal with, but they were very understanding and got everything sorted out for me. They were very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive every step of the way.
Janine Lindsey-jonesJanine Lindsey-jones
12:19 29 Nov 21
I found Jonathan to be very helpful with the transfer of my pension, which can be quite daunting being an expat in France. He was able to give very straightforward advice and is a pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend him.
Tom RobertsTom Roberts
22:30 05 Nov 21
I contacted Jonathon Laws at Cameron James to help consolidate my UK pensions into one SIPP for improved guidance on how the funds were to be invested. Having reviewed more than 3 other companies, Cameron came out on top, however what impressed me the most was how Jonathan provided immediate response to my questions. His knowledge and attention to detail, made me confident that I made the right decision. Highly recommend Jonathan at Cameron James - above all expectations.
Carol MettusCarol Mettus
12:39 31 Oct 21
Jonathan Laws is great both professionally and interpersonally. He explains everything very clearly . Finding a professional that can help transfer a British pension when you are an expat who lives in the USA is not easy and there are many people that say they can help but are not able to. Jonathan is knowledgeable about the transfer process and communicates what is going on every step of the way. I have no qualms in recommending him and will continue to use his services. A+++++
john butlerjohn butler
18:15 28 Oct 21
Like many of us reaching retirement age now I had a number of company pension schemes all with different providers. Cameron James enabled me to bring these together into one scheme. The financial advice is excellent and clearly explained all the way through. The investments within the scheme are intelligently placed and at a risk level within my comfort zone. I can't imagine that a different choice would have been better.
Loren GerlachLoren Gerlach
12:12 21 Oct 21
As I was approaching retirement, I wanted to convert my DB pensions to DC and then combine all my DC company pensions in one place to manage the pot better for better returns than the incumbent pension administrators had been delivering. The solution had to be tax efficient in both the UK and US. I spoke to 5 advisory companies who all came across as knowledgeable, professional and responsive, but Cameron James beat the others out with the best overall value proposition including a tenacious approach to converting my DB pensions at best value (which is the only way you'll ever get it done). Since signing on with Cameron James I've been very pleased with the information I can easily seek out from them as well as the proactive advice that they offer.
George BurnsGeorge Burns
17:03 19 Oct 21
As a UK Expat living in the USA looking for a financial advisor for UK based money the problem is without doubt "trust". Who do I trust with my pension? Cameron James answered my concerns and in particular, Dominic James Murray was very helpful and walked me through all my issues enabling me to do my due diligence. As International Financial Advisors, I have complete confidence in their abilities and would recommend them without hesitation. Very professional, highly skilled and trustworthy.

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