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As most of you are likely familiar with, AJ Bell is a major player in the UK SIPP market. They are one of the largest and most widely used in the United Kingdom. This article presents a review of the AJ Bell Investcentre, focusing on the charges, fees, review, and how to log into the platform.

AJ Bell is one of the largest investment platforms in the UK AJ Bell has Over 398,000 customers with assets totalling £75.6 billion. AJ Bell was listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market in December 2018 (LSE: AJB), entering the FTSE 250 in March 2019

To be clear, Cameron James – Expat Financial Planning was never endorsed or compensated by AJ Bell to write this review. This review is intended to provide you with a better understanding of the SIPP provider and provide you with a better comparison when deciding which provider to work with.

Watch a video explanation about AJ Bell by our CEO and Independent Financial Advisor, Dominic James Murray below!

AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP (Charges, Fees, Reviews, Funds, Login)

AJ Bell SIPP Charges

Charges are equivalent to quality when it comes to services. According to our experience and numerous reviews, AJ Bell has an excellent reputation in terms of charges; AJ Bell is one of the lowest cost SIPPs available in the industry.

In terms of setup, ongoing, and withdrawal costs, AJ Bell SIPP is about par for the course when compared to other SIPP providers. In some cases, we can state that AJ Bell is not the lowest but offers a little lower than any other competitor in terms of charges.

At the time of writing, the costs are at the cost of what we have mentioned; however, prices will fluctuate and adjust to the situation over time. Always keep in mind that the prices may vary depending on a variety of circumstances.

The prices may have changed by then. Therefore, it is always best to check directly to the AJ Bell SIPP website and verify the most recent charges they have. You can look at AJ Bell’s charges page.

AJ Bell SIPP Review

We have had some experience working closely with AJ Bell. As a Financial Advisor firm, primarily completing final salary pension transfers, we have never worked with a SIPP provider who was better than AJ Bell. In terms of performance, they are slightly lightning fast at completing paperwork and getting things done.

Additionally, the primary reason we give AJ Bell a positive review is that they are well-known. As a result, executing the DB pension transfer is significantly easier than doing so with the other providers.

We see that the transfer of final salary pensions is becoming more complex. The UK government’s due diligence has become increasingly stringent with each passing year. This implies that your pension trustee or DB Scheme must perform extensive due diligence to check a wide range of elements to mitigate risks.

When completing the DB pension transfer to SIPP; when the application comes in and writing AJ Bell as your SIPP provider, most of the DB scheme and Trustee already knew the provider, so due diligence will be easier than completing the transfer with other SIPP providers.

AJ Bell SIPP Login

AJ Bell is excellent at practicality; the platform is outstanding, clients usually enjoy that as well, and it’s incredibly easy to navigate. Logging into the AJ Bell SIPP Investcentre account is even a simple process; your financial advisor will provide you with login information shortly once the transfer is completed. This account information allows you to check your account regularly.

We always advise all of our clients to check it annually. You’re investing your money for the long term, unless you’re going to remove your money in two months, or you want to keep an eye on the market. You shouldn’t be involved if you’re looking to withdraw your money in two months.

AJ Bell SIPP Investment Options

AJ Bell’s SIPP Investcentre offers a diverse choice of investing options. You have a wide selection of investment options, which means you may pick how your savings are invested., you have an almost limitless number of options. What if a client wishes to invest in a fund that is not available on the AJ Bell platform?

We highly advise you to perceive the non-existing fund list on the AJ Bell as a red flag. AJ Bell, like many other large providers, had every investment option available, such as USD, GBP, Euro, and so on, that is authorized by the UK government, so if it wasn’t there, it simply wasn’t recognized by the UK government.

If I’m a Non-UK Resident, Can I Open an AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP Account?

AJ Bell is primarily a platform and SIPP provider for UK residents. AJ Bell does not work with clients outside the UK; certainly not in Europe or America. You must go through an FCA-regulated organization, but in the United States, you should work with a local financial advisor who is regulated in the United States.

How Can Cameron James Help You?

Cameron James – Expat Financial Planning is the preferred independent financial advisor for International SIPP transfers. With over 10 years of experience in transferring pensions, Cameron James is now servicing clients in 26 countries. 

We have the qualifications and technical knowledge required to help you transfer to international SIPP, both as an ex-pat and US resident. Our mission is to bring regulated and transparent advice to our clients. As such, our clients fully know how much their advice will cost in advance, with no hidden fees.

Cameron James – Expat Financial Planning has a sophisticated cash flow management system in place. Our senior management team has a decade of expertise serving ex-pats and is committed to continuing to serve the requirements of ex-pats for decades to come.

Transferring a Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution pension into an International SIPP plan for ex-pats is not a simple decision. Before deciding, many details and procedures must be thoroughly understood. Without comprehension, the benefit will turn into a potential loss.

It is essential to seek a set of competent advice from a qualified financial adviser to verify that your profile matches the suitable options and to ensure that your choice meets the UK and US regulations. Meet one of our dedicated advisers to get a comprehensive understanding of International SIPPs.

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