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Temperatures are officially on the rise in the UK. However, temperatures are unfortunately not the only thing in the UK soaring. Interest rates are also still on the rise, adding further pressure to the cost of living crisis.

Which begs the question, how has the UK Government arguably got it so wrong in comparison to their EU and US counterparts who seem to have a firmer grip on inflation through unprecedented interest rate increases?

Yet, amidst this sweltering economic climate, equity markets have been surprisingly upbeat in early 2023. With all of those in the media who predicted the mother of all crises, slowly fading into the background as they always do. Highlighting yet again why trying to predict the markets is unwise.

While the heatwave continues, we have been keeping busy at Cameron James. Last week, I was a guest speaker at the Financial Times Investors Chronicles event in London. Where I gave the eager paying audience my frank and honest assessment of Value Vs Growth stocks and trying to time the market.

Myself and Cameron James were also asked by Yahoo! Finance to write a retirement article guiding their audience on the top tips to protect their retirement savings.

Enjoy the read and if you have any questions or need anything then as always you can reach out to me.

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